Menu design and creation of recipes for each client

The development of the vital menu is essential for any restaurant that wants to add some healthy new dishes or wants to design a completely new and vital menu concept.

Innovation of recipes, that are coherent, respectful, delicious and beautiful.
Conceptual development and menu design depending on the needs of the client.
Complete guidelines for the development of the menu and recipes.
Flavors and avant-garde techniques.
Help in the supply of sustainable and high quality ingredients.
Partnerships with local producers.


Breakfast is the most important meal and perhaps the one that has remained the most stagnant in the world of Hotel Buffets. It is time to revisit and update both ingredients and the assembly itself of a Buffet. Healthy options in general are poor and unattractive even in hotels with many stars.

Breakfast buffet re-styling for hotels, integrating ingredients and delicious recipes, coherence, and to suit the demands of the most demanding client in terms of healthiness and flavor.

Re-visit the current concept and innovate regarding details of assembly and preparation, as well as in the selection and quality of the ingredients.

Get out of the box
and surprise everyone
in the art of breakfast.

Education and Training Operability in the Vital Kitchen

Educating and training a team of contemporary cooks in Vital cuisine is essential to help them grow in a healthy, sustainable and consistent way with the circumstances of the planet. It is the basis for a good execution of the Vital menu and, it adds value to the restaurant’s basic menu by understanding the substitution of harmful ingredients for cleaner and more conscious ones.

Re-revitalize the kitchen and give it a new atmosphere and operability.
Training to chefs and kitchen staff.
Operability manuals.
Training room staff.
Attitude, understanding and explanation of the menu.

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