Vital chef and educator in the art of cooking with conscience, free of chemicals and inconsiderate manipulation of ingredients. Health coach, artist and contemporary alchemist of vital, alkaline and symbiotic nutrition.

Design and Consulting

Menu design and recipe creation. Re-styling. Vital kitchen operability training


A course to understand how to make a change in your kitchen and your life by applying the basics of vital cooking.


Time to release, regenerate, learn new habits and give yourself the place to regain power and vitality.

Online Detox 

Very simple and powerful protocols to do a deep toxin cleansing process.


Vital cuisine considers the power of food from its nutritional vitality, the energy the colors bring in, the balance of combinations, and the love and care devoted to both the ingredients and the creation of recipes.

It is a lifestyle, a path of awareness and full attention.

“The Power of Food, Vital Cuisine”

With more than 100 recipes


In this extraordinary and practical recipe book you will discover why not to consume certain foods, the options and methods to have a wide range of possibilities in the preparation of vital recipes, and how to combine different foods to obtain the best nutritional vitality and create simple and delicious dishes.

Understand and apply simple tools to increase your energy, heal your body and regain natural joy and radiance. Learn to eat deliciously, nourishing your gut microbiome, strengthening your immune system and increasing your serotonin, the spark of happiness.

A practical guide to learn how to re-design your kitchen and turn it into a sacred and vital space in the art of preparing healthy and beautiful dishes.

Online Detox 

September 21 to October 6

is the art of becoming the best version of ourselves in a simple, practical and easy way, when we understand our Bio-individuality and we know how to apply the technique.

I am going to share very simple and powerful information and protocols to do a deep toxin cleansing process and activate routines that will remain in your life, notably improving your health and vitality.
You will lose weight without even realizing it if you need it, in a delicious and easy way, you will feel your progress quickly and your vision of yourself will improve remarkably.
You will discover how easy it is to take charge of your health without the need for chemicals and progressing with joy and commitment.